‘Twas the storm after Christmas

To the editor:

‘Twas the Storm after Christmas

All through the town,

Not a driver was driving,

The snow had come down.

Then from my slumber

There arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my bed

(at 5:00 in the morning),

To see what’s the matter.

And there to my startled eyes did appear,

A large yellow truck with a plow on the front,

oh so dear.

There in the cabin sat the driver cold yet brave,

I knew in an instant, my job had been saved.

As I gazed out my window,

At the snow all white and fluffy as could be,

In my heart there was a longing,

On the slopes I wish I could ski.

Now resigned at home,

the car in the drive

Pleasures in the house to enjoy,

I know I will thrive.

Of food there is plenty

I do so enjoy to cook,

When boredom overtakes me,

I can pick up a book.

The snow continues to fall,

It gets higher and higher.

If it does not let up soon,

The situation will be dire.

When the snow falls off the roof,

Oh how the house it did shake,

To the oven I go

For the brownies I did just bake.

Now night time is upon me,

In my bed I will sleep.

The nights still and quite,

There is nearly a peep.

When I wake in the morning,

To a day fresh and new

The peace and quite of this moment

Is known to barely a few.

On mornings such as this

I don’t feel quite so old.

The beauty and splendor of our mountains

Is to me more precious than gold!

Fred Lichtenwalter