Shame on police and accuser

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to help clear my name and reputation that has blatantly been destroyed by false accusations and lies.

I was (on Dec. 16) called by the Saranac Lake police in the middle of the night and scared witless. Then, said police came to my home later in the same night to serve me papers.

Neither over the phone nor in person would the police answer the countless questions I asked.

How can someone be so careless – thoughtless – to destroy another person’s life? To turn someone’s life upside-down – ruin their good name and reputation?

Shame on you, Saranac Lake police, for putting my name on the radio and in the newspaper.

Shame on you, whoever you are, for what you’ve done.

Make it right, and go back to the police, and tell them the truth.

I’ve done nothing wrong and have not harmed anyone in any way.

Thank you also for ruining my holidays and new year.

Ruth Ann Lavoie

Saranac Lake