Give a chance to direct Adult Center

To the editor:

As the new director of the Saranac Lake Adult Center, I think it’s time I weighed in on what’s been happening at the center since I “took over” in December.

It hasn’t been easy for me to make the necessary daily corrections to the nutrition program while gaining the trust and confidence of the seniors and the center’s board members while the previous director was still coordinating the majority of the activities and was present on a daily basis. Although historically the director was responsible for the daily running of the center, the center’s board believed for me to take that all on at once would be a challenge for the seniors. Because I am ultimately responsible for the smooth running of the whole Adult Center, I found it cumbersome to not have everything I needed to make the necessary decisions as issues arose. Thankfully, the association didn’t disappear after hiring me. They have spent hours of travel and meeting time helping to sort this out, listening to me, listening to the board members and having the goal of the Adult Center becoming one again, rather than be split into two.

If you’ve been observing from a distance, upset at what you’ve read or wishing it would just all get better and drop out of the news, then help us make it whole again. Don’t ask me to be a co-director with the person who was fired from this position; do become a member of the center, do volunteer to be a Meals on Wheels driver, do support the association and the center’s board, and please, give me a chance. Thank you.

Jennifer Grisi

Director, Saranac Lake Adult Center

Saranac Lake