New Lake Placid school website coming

LAKE PLACID – The Lake Placid Central School District hopes to launch its new website by the end of the month.

Matt Smith of the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton Board of Cooperative Educational Services recently presented the new website design to the Lake Placid school board. BOCES staff developed the site with input from a school committee.

“It’s here, and it works, but it’s not live,” he said.

Smith said the goal was to make the website more user friendly. The new design functions across all Web browsers, and it has the capability to provide more information for teachers, parents and students.

School board agendas and documents will also be posted to the new website, Smith said. Individual classroom pages for teachers haven’t been changed, he added.

“The teachers have worked really hard to get their Web pages going,” Smith said. “They’re going to stay the same for the foreseeable future. That was one concern that people had: that we were going to try to change everything.”

Forms for students, parents and teachers will also be available on the new site, as well as a news feed.

School board member Herb Stoerr asked Smith how much time it will take for district Clerk Karen Angelopoulos to update the new website. Smith said the site is user friendly and should be easy to keep current, although he added that it’s up to the district to decide how often it wants to update it.

“You’ve got to get new stuff all the time, or no one is going to come back,” Smith said.

Board members said they liked the new design and thanked Smith for putting it together.

The website includes a Google Maps feature that shows the location of the elementary and middle-high schools, and it will be able to provide parents with directions to sporting events, both home and away. Contact information for school staff is also available on the new site.

The website is currently located at Smith said the new address will be easier to remember:

Contact Chris Morris at 891-2600 ext. 25 or