Promote great outdoor assets together

To the editor:

Two recent issues – one the $25,000 from the county to Saranac Lake and the response from Tupper Lake, “Where is ours?” The second one is the “bed tax” and what will the money be used for, and who will get it? These, coupled with the renewed attention to the importance of recreational opportunities being identified as a means of increasing tourism, generated these thoughts.

Rather than working separately on the common goal of increasing tourism and the economic advantages resulting, we should be working together to increase the recognition of all that we have to offer. One example would be the effort to showcase the opportunities for great cross-country skiing in this region. With Dewey Mountain and the groomed trail system we are developing here in Tupper – plus the great number of other trails suitable for cross-country skiing, many of which are known to locals but are not promoted to others – we have the opportunity of identifying ourselves as the “go-to region for great cross-country skiing” instead of just being two towns in the shadow of Lake Placid. The same type of possibilities exist for our becoming the center for canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping. We need to show that there’s more here than the High Peaks.

We are blessed with these natural resources, and by working together we can achieve and even surpass individual efforts. Gov. Cuomo is more aware of this region than any previous governor of recent times. We can capitalize on his interest in us and his interest in consolidation of local efforts. I call your attention to the fact that it’s the same distance from Saranac Lake to Tupper as from Tupper to Saranac. It’s time to work together.

Jim Frenette Sr.

Tupper Lake