Reminded of Stupid Motorist Law

To the editor:

The recent article we read regarding the ATVs that went through the ice on Lake Colby is nothing new, but no ticket issued?

The couple should have known better with elevated temperatures, and here in Arizona, due to the flooded zones after a heavy monsoon, they get charged for the violation and rescue crews, which is costly – why Arizona now has the Stupid Motorist Law!

Accidents happen, but a little common sense goes a long way! When they are rescuing people who do this, others might need serious rescue due to no fault of them own!

Sometimes a fine and a nice, hefty bill might make them think before doing it again! WHY THEY HAVE THE LAW IN ARIZONA!

We are glad they were rescued, and the crews involved are always at risk, too – God bless them for all they do!

Bren Rivers

Prescott, Ariz.