Plowing is greatly appreciated

To the editor:

On behalf of Saranac Lake High School Spanish Club, we would like to give a very special thank-you to Gregg Walker from Greggor’s Plumbing, Heating and Electrical. The Spanish Club has a bottle box on the corner of Cedar and Broadway near Aubuchon Hardware. On Saturday morning, Gregg saw us working to shovel out the area around the bottle box so that it would be accessible to people in the community. He pulled in with his plow truck and cleared out the whole lot for us in just a few minutes. It would have taken us all day to shovel it out.

Spanish Club had contacted many local area snow-removal people to have the bottle box plowed out, but they all declined our request due to the weight and amount of snow that was in that area. Gregg didn’t think twice about it. This act of community service will make us think of him first every time we have plumbing, heating and electrical needs!

The bottle box is now all cleared out! Your donations of redeemable bottles and cans benefit local students who wish to participate in Spanish language immersion and travel opportunities. Please stop by and make a donation today, or simply drop your cans and bottles directly at Nickel’s Redemption Center and ask that they add your bottles and cans to the Spanish Club account. Thanks so much, Gregg!


Trish Wickwire

Doug Zobel

SLHS Spanish Club advisors

Saranac Lake