Jay receives funds to rehab 13 storm-damaged homes

AuSABLE FORKS – The town of Jay has been awarded a New York State Community Development Block Grant to assist with the rehabilitation of about 13 homes.

Jay town Supervisor Randy Douglas announced in a press release that the $400,000 grant was secured with the help of Bruce Misarski of the Essex County Housing Assistance Program. Douglas said the funds will be used for owner-occupied housing rehabilitation.

The goal, Douglas said, is to solve code violations, mitigate health and safety concerns, and correct severe energy efficiency issues. He said the funds will be administered as a “deferred payment loan,” providing the owner remains in the home for five years. To qualify, a household’s income must be less than 80 percent of the area’s median household income, which is $47,450 for a family of four, according to the release.

Douglas said 31 homes are currently on the waiting list for rehabilitation. Misarski and Douglas are encouraging families who feel they have existing issues to still fill out an application for this funding. Both Douglas and Misarski said that the town of Jay was a strong contender in the bid for this funding because of the amount of low- to medium-income families that were affected by Tropical Storm Irene.

Homeowners affected by Irene who did not qualify for Federal Emergency Management Agency buyout programs are also encouraged to fill out an application for this round of funding. Douglas said that “home owners who file an application and are placed on a waiting list will improve the potential chance for success of any future grant applications.

“This is the third CDBG Grant that the Town of Jay has been awarded since I became Supervisor, the first being in 2006,” Douglas said in the release. “These grants are helping to revitalize our community and others across the state of New York by making funds available to income qualifying families that might otherwise not be able to afford costly home repairs. This program will allow us to offer a better quality of life to our constituents.”

Applications may be obtained by calling Misarski at 518-873-6888.