Don’t let sour grapes spoil carousel

To the editor:

I was very taken back by Mr. Timothy Lacey Jr.’s letter in the Wednesday, Jan. 9 issue of the Enterprise regarding the carousel, “What’s the point of carousel?” First, the carousel was well supported by people in and around the Tri-Lakes region as well as some from out of state, such as my wife and myself. A lot of dollars were donated, not to mention all the hard work that went into making it come to fruition. Much talent was displayed with the carving by many individual artists who donate their time and talent.

Mr. Lacey, I’m sorry, but you sound like sour grapes. One would not expect kids to want to go to the carousel every day. Just tell them, when they want to ride the carousel, to let you know. Please don’t condemn everybody and all the effort that went into this super project. What did you do to help the project along? Please have a positive attitude with your kids. There are plenty of activities in the region for one to enjoy. Everyone isn’t going to like every activity, but please don’t shoot an activity down because you don’t like it or you don’t think it fits the community. I say it does, and then some. Please do some serious thinking on what you said in the newspaper.

I say to all you folks that gave money, volunteered your valuable time and gave of your artistic abilities and everyone that was involved a big THANK-YOU! You show your true feelings for Saranac Lake village. If we ever get back to Saranac Lake for a visit, the carousel is at the top of the list of places to enjoy. We are happy to be a part of the picture even though we are located in Arizona.

Dan and Karen Heffner

Wickenburg, Ariz.