Tupper village to tackle rail-trail issue Tuesday

TUPPER LAKE – The village board is expected to tackle the thorny rail trail issue at its regular meeting Tuesday.

Trustee Rick Donah proposed a resolution in December that would register the village’s support for the state opening up its unit management plan for the Remsen-Lake Placid Travel Corridor, which was completed in the 1990s with plans for review every five years, although none has been done.

Some rail supporters fear UMP review would mean the railroad used by tourist trains in parts of that corridor would be ripped up and replaced with a recreational trail. Others say that it will give both railroad and trail advocates a fair chance to air their concerns to the state.

When Donah proposed the resolution, Mayor Paul Maroun set it aside until this month’s meeting.

It’s expected to top the agenda for the meeting, which will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the village offices at 53 Park St. Village board meetings are normally held on the third Monday of the month, but this month’s was pushed back due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day falling on Monday.

Village Clerk Mary Casagrain said Friday morning that she’s gotten about 30 or 35 phone correspondences from people on the topic in a combination of emails, letters and phone calls, all addressed to Mayor Paul Maroun, an outspoken rail supporter.

Most of the correspondents are Tupper Lakers, though some have been from out of town. All of them are in favor of the resolution.

“I haven’t had one against it yet,” Casagrain said.

The Tupper Lake town board, as well as a number of other area municipalities, passed a similar resolution recently. Several municipalities, including Piercefield, passed stronger-worded resolutions that advocated for the removal of the rails and the creation of a trail.

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