‘Where Our Home Is’ at BluSeed Studios

SARANAC LAKE – BluSeed Studios will host a special “Meet the Artists” closing reception from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday for “Where Our Home Is,” which has been brought to Saranac Lake through The Centre de l’Image et de l’Estampe de Mirabel and artist and CIEM mentor Martin Loft.

As stated from the “Tsi Non:we Tewen:teron” catalog, “The art of printmaking necessitates truth. From apprenticeship to mastery, the printmaker cannot lie.

The works assembled here enchant us through their sincerity and the freshness, spontaneity and astonishment of discovery they emanate.”

“Where Our Home Is” presents a wide range of works on paper all created by the young Kanehsatake (Mohawk) printmakers, whom participated in a mentoring program offered to them at The Centre de l’Image et de l’Estampe de Mirabel. The prints are chosen from the production of 15 participants who frequented CIEM from 2007 to 2010.

Each annual internship involved an open theme: identity, territory and mythology that served as a connecting thread as the interns learned the techniques of printmaking, traditional and digital. Each participant was free to either follow the suggested theme, to widen its scope, or to move away from it.

From this, thus emerges a great diversity of approaches. The artist in the “Tsi Non:we Tewen:teron/Where Our Home” is are as follows: Roger Nelson, Jasmin Gunn, Daakota Bonspille, Jason Montour, Kyle Bonspille, Felix Drolet, Craig Nicholas, Melissa Cree, Sherry Benedict, Melinda Nelson, Alannah Gabriel, Alannah Gabriel, Audrey Avery and Martin Loft.