Declaration for humanity

(Editor’s note: The author of this letter wrote it from the perspective of God, imagining what he thinks God would say to humanity.)

To the editor:

1. I am He who walks with you. I am called by many names, but I am one. God, Creator, Lord, Jesus, Christ, Holy Spirit, Yahwe, Allah, Buddha – it matters not. Believe in me, and I will take you there.

2. To be as one with Me you must be as one with yourselves. You must believe in Me to believe in yourselves.

3. You are the defenders of Mother Earth. If it perishes, you also perish.

4. I have provided all that is necessary for you to live well. Use it wisely.

5. As you have been made in my image, you are always a part of me. The answers lie within you.

6. Everything is and happens for a reason. There is harmony in all. If you find it out of balance, you must work to put it back into balance.

7. Respect all, and balance, harmony and peace will follow.

8. Never be afraid to fight for the Truth.

9. The Truth is in Me and therefore lies within all of you.

10. The Truth is the same for all of you and yet different for each of you. You must open your minds, hearts and souls to see it.

Ric Wells

Common man