Letters to President Obama

(Editor’s note: Here’s what we received from our Jan. 9 pitch asking readers to write letters to President Obama as he begins his second term. It’s fewer than we expected, for sure, but as promised, we’ll pass them on to the White House.)

Control pork and debt

I’d like to tell the president to start using his veto power. Most Americans are sick of bills that are for a stated purpose being loaded with unrelated “pork.” The president does not have line-item veto power, but I believe he can veto an entire bill and send it back until it is “clean.”

I also would like to tell the president that he should veto any bill which comes to his desk that would require further debt. Make Congress prove to the citizens of this country that they can understand that we don’t want to burden our children and grandchildren with our debt. It’s all about cutting expenses, increasing revenues and paying down our debt in a responsible manner.

Mr. President, please stand up and protect the hard-working citizens of this country.

Mary Peria

Lake Clear

Lower taxes for the poor and middle classes

Dear President Obama:

I am so happy to be able to write to you, and others can write and read what needs to be said. I have voted for you the first time and now again the second time.

The reason for this letter is to ask you to look again into reducing the TAXES on the middle- and poor-class people. We work hard for a minimum wage of pay and then pay a HUGE amount of TAXES.

Please make the people who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars who pay so very little in TAXES to pay their TAXES and pay more. Give the middle and poor a break. Please lower our taxes so we can buy food and clothes, pay bills and our taxes without worry.

I think that’s fair; don’t you? Congratulations, and keep up the good work.


Betty Palin and son

Tupper Lake