Big, bad spikes of ice

To the editor:

They may look pretty in the sun, but did you know that icicles are telltale signs that your home is losing heat? Here is a fun way to do something about it.

The Winter Carnival Spike of Ice Contest will again offer an energy audit as first prize for the longest icicle from a residence. The event sponsor, Woltner Summit Contracting, will conduct the home energy audit. The contest will take place behind the Ice Palace on Feb. 3. Icicles can be delivered at 2:30 p.m. with judging at 3:30 pm. The final measurement will be of the largest, intact piece of ice. Icicles must be naturally formed without any internal support. Medals are awarded for first and second places. There will also be medals for children’s submissions (under 18 years).

Can your spike of ice break the contest record of 9 feet, 1 inch? If so, the first-prize energy assessment may be just what you need. Be a Spike of Ice winner, and stop being an energy loser.

Applications are available at the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival website, Forms will also be available on contest day.


Jackie Foster

Saranac Lake