Test your vehicle and traffic law IQ — Round 3

For two consecutive years at about this time, we issued a column with 20 questions on Vehicle and Traffic Law and traffic safety, and gave you an opportunity to answer them. The following week, the answers to the questions comprised the weekly article.

Now, here is round three, consisting of 15 true/false and five multiple choice questions. Take the quiz, jot down your answers, look for the correct answers in this column next week, and see how extensive your knowledge of Vehicle and Traffic Law and traffic safety really is. The first 15 questions are true or false.

1. If found guilty of driving with a BAC of 0.18 or more for the first time, it is a felony.

2. A state trooper must be wearing his/her hat in order to make an arrest.

3. Rural mailboxes along a roadside must be repaired by the highway department if damaged by a highway snowplow.

4. It is illegal to follow a fire truck with lights flashing closer than 200 feet.

5. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices is recognized as the national standard for all traffic control devices installed on all public or private roads open to public travel.

6. A linear speed limit (applies to a specific road or highway) can be set at 10 mph.

7. Speed limits on town roads are set by the Town Board.

8. Changes to any traffic control device (traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings) should be made only after an engineering study.

9. An engineering study can be made by any police officer.

10. It is illegal to ride a bicycle with your feet removed from the pedals.

11. Just holding a portable electronic device in a conspicuous manner is illegal.

12. All-way stop signs at an intersection are an approved method of slowing traffic.

13. A school bus without students does not have to stop at a railroad crossing.

14. A single solid yellow line is used as a centerline marking on a two-lane roadway.

15. The Traffic Safety Board is a good resource for traffic law and safety.

16. Where crossing the lane line markings is prohibited, the lane line markings shall consist of: A) a solid double white line, B) a single solid white line, C) a single solid yellow line?

17. The maximum length of a school speed zone is: A) 1/2 mile, B) no limit, C) 1/4 mile?

18. A driver convicted of speeding more than 40 mph over the posted speed limit is assigned A) 3 points, B) 6 points, C) 11 points against his/her license?

19. The length of the yellow dashed lines to permit passing on a two-lane road are: A) 3 feet, B) 5 feet, C) 10 feet?

20. An “area” speed limit, such as for a village, cannot be less than: A) 20 mph, B) 30 mph, C) 40 mph?

How do you think you did? For the answers to these 20 questions, read next week’s article on V&T Law and traffic safety.

For these and many more traffic law and safety articles go to: www.franklincony.org and from the pull-down menu for departments, click on Traffic Safety Board.