Thanks for support in Loppet, etc.

To the editor:

I would like to compliment all who helped run or participated in the Lake Placid Loppet Saturday, Jan. 26.

The race was well run and the track condition immaculately prepped. Thanks, ORDA!

All the volunteers were fantastic, especially the group of young people on the biathlon side at the last feed zone who took it as their personal responsibility to make sure every single skier was adequately fed and left their area energized, recovered and with a smile, ready to ski as well as they could on the finishing leg of the course.

Congratulations to all the skiers out there. Every single one was an inspiration to me. And I was, and still am, impressed with all the really fast, talented and fit Nordic skiers of all ages this Tri-Lakes area has. Mind-boggling!

Lastly, to all my personal friends from over the years who have been so encouraging to me to start back on a path of health and fitness through cross-country skiing, thank you. You helped me carpool to go skiing, with ski passes, with advice, with encouragement and with great company skiing. You beep your car horns at me and hang out the car window yelling at me when you see me trying to ski on 1 inch of snow in the park. And you were there at the finish line with a grin and a hug, just as happy that I completed my ski as I was.

I am truly fortunate to live in this community.

I hope everyone has a great winter and will keep making this a better world, one cross-country ski at a time!

John Dimon

Saranac Lake