Scheefer’s skiers claim top spots

WILMINGTON – In the third race of the 2013 Budweiser Challenge Race Series held at Whiteface Wednesday, team Scheefer’s raced to the win with 86 points, and team Scheefer’s 2 took second place with 65 points. Taking third place for the day was team Wilderness/Wilkomenhof/Turtle Island with 58 points.

Using the points scored during Wednesday’s race, Scheefer’s remains in the top position with overall points totaling 224. Scheefer’s 2 remains second in the standings with 187 points. Meanwhile, Wilderness/Wilkomenhof/Turtle Island, with 163 points, continues to hold on to third.


Turtle Island’s Mary Hoyt claimed a victory in the women’s Category 1 race, with a time of 20.45 seconds. LJ Swanson, skiing for Scheefer’s, placed second with 21.94. Brooke Bobela, from Scheefer’s 2, took third with a 22.04.

In the women’s Category 2 division, Brooke Brown of New York Ski Educational Program (NYSEF) grabbed the top position by posting a time of 24.64. Janet Bliss, racing with Scheefer’s, came in at 24.7 to secure second place. Third went to Noelle Wood, skiing for Wilderness/Wilkomenhof/Turtle Island, with a 24.75.

The Scheefer’s’ teams turned in the top two positions in the women’s Category 3 division, with Mary Valley finishing first with 26.99 and Lisa Garlough with Scheefer’s 2 in second at 27.01. Denise Bujold with team Zig Zags, placed third at 27.54.

David Smith, skiing for NYSEF, posted the fastest time of the day of 18.8 and took first place in the men’s Category 1 division. Zig Zag’s Robbie Kane came in second with a 19.14 and Kory Barney skiing for The Cottage placed third, turning in a time of 19.69.

Tom Staves won the men’s Category 2 race, turning in the only top three showing of the day for Desperados, with a time of 20.90. Scheefer’s’ Eric Lanthier placed second with a 21.11 and third went to Ikuo Toishi from NYSEF at 21.12.

In the men’s Category 3 race, Ron Morrow, skiing for Scheefer’s, grabbed the top slot with a time of 23.01. Wilderness/Wilkomenhof/Turtle Island’s Steve Detweiler came in second with a 23.19 and Zig Zag’s Franz Fredericks turned a finish of 23.20 for third.

In the men’s Category 4 division, Scheefer’s’s Freddy Fluhmann grabbed the top position by posting a time of 24.49. David Keefe with Scheefer’s came in at 24.50 to secure second place. Third went to Tony Nickinello, skiing for Wilderness/Wilkomenhof/Turtle Island, with a 24.51.

In the men’s Category Race 5, Big Mountain/Simply Gourmet claimed their only top three when Steve Buzzell posted a time of 27.31 and took first place. Scheefer’s 2, turned in second with Pat Dellavalle at 27.35 and Bert Yost, skiing for team Wilderness/Wilkomenhof/Turtle Island, came in third with a 27.64.

The Budweiser Race Series is a six-week community team alpine race series where participants race down the red and blue courses (the former NASTAR course) on a section of Lower Valley Trail. Each competitor takes two runs, with the better of the two runs used for the day’s results. The team with the most points at the end of the six- race series will be the recipient of the 2013 Budweiser Challenge Jeff Abbott Memorial Cup. The Budweiser Challenge Jeff Abbott Memorial Cup Race Series is held in honor of Jeffrey A. Abbott, owner/president of A & M Beverages of Malone, who passed away suddenly June 17, 2009.