New York leads the nation in getting it wrong

To the editor:

Is there any woman in the state of New York having trouble getting an abortion? As the leading state in the country in the number of abortions performed annually, are women really clamoring for more abortions?

Women want their children safe. Women want and need more jobs. The economy is where women are placing their attention, yet our lawmakers have dismissed pleas to focus on how to help women provide for their families and increase their future employment opportunities.

The SAFE Act, an assault on our Second Amendment rights, compromises a woman’s ability to defend herself and her children through limiting the type of weapon she may need to use. An attacker can be armed with a lightweight, semi-automatic, accurate weapon, while a woman, sheltering her children, will need to poise herself with a shotgun, rifle or a handgun only capable of seven bullets. Is this in the best interests of women?

Our lawmakers want us to believe that women in New York state have not had access to quality health care or abortions. Actually, the Reproductive Health Care Act does the unspeakable. It permits late-term abortions, changes the terminology of partial-birth abortions allowing this heinous act, allows non-physicians to perform abortions on 12-year-olds, allows pharmacists to give the morning-after pill to anyone, charges non-participating hospitals with discrimination, abolishes the 24-hour wait period and eliminates all criminal penalties even if the woman is forced to have an abortion by a partner. And yes, in this great state, you will now be able to kill a child as late as full term.

New York leads the nation in abortions, anti-Second-Amendment measures and tops the nation in anti-business practices. Instead of being the leader at getting it wrong, let’s work at getting it right so people will follow our lead.

Karen Bisso