Tupper town to hold hearing on grinder pump issue

TUPPER LAKE – The town board plans to hold a hearing so Sewer District 23 residents can sound off on buying a grinder pump for a couple who wants to build a house in the district.

Matt Zande was at the town board meeting Monday afternoon to ask about the status of the issue. He and his parents, who have owned the property for years, have been asking the town in recent months to buy a grinder pump for the home Zande plans to build in the Tamarack Drive area.

The Zandes argue that they’ve been helping to pay for all the other grinder pumps in the district since it was installed about a decade ago, so they should be entitled to one.

Town Supervisor Roger Amell told Zande Monday that town Attorney Kirk Gagnier advised the board to hold a hearing on the topic before it makes a decision.

“Everyone in the district should know what’s happening,” said board member Patti Littlefield. “They should have their opportunity to be heard.”

Littlefield and two other town board members, David Tomberlin and Jerry Fletcher, live in Sewer District 23.

Amell said the town will send a letter to everyone in the district to notify them about the hearing, which is set to be held at the town’s regular meeting in two months on April 8. Amell said the letter will lay out two options: The district will not cover the expense at all, or it will pay for the grinder pump and all the equipment associated with it, and the Zandes will be responsible for paying a contractor to install it.

Amell said the equipment costs around $5,000 or $6,000, but Zande said he’s seen the costs more in the $8,000 to $9,000 range.

The town board will make the final decision on the topic.

Littlefield said there were no policies put in place for how to deal with such an issue when the district was originally installed, so this hearing will give the town the opportunity to create policies for how to handle the issue down the road.

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