Political opposites unite in not criticizing Hollywood

To the editor:

Does anyone find it at all curious why political opposites like President Obama and Fox News are both hands-off on Hollywood violence?

Is it coincidence, or does Hollywood’s unique cultural power and support for President Obama and Rupert Murdoch’s major Hollywood holdings have anything to do with it?

President Obama is calling for some “common sense” on implementing more effective gun regulations to reduce violent crime, and he’s right.

But we can forget about common sense when it comes to the social costs of cultivating and marketing graphic, gratuitous violence as an acceptable form of mainstream entertainment. According to President Obama, standing before children, no less, in his address to the American people, we need to do “research.” Stunning!

The “research” thing is a failing stall tactic that those with heavy vested interests in the hugely profitable business of violent entertainment are praying will keep the lid sealed on a Pandora’s box that, once opened, they will not be able to control.

President Obama and Fox News united in protecting Hollywood violence? Is there a better example of all that is inherently wrong with a political system currently dominated on all sides by what are now in-your-face special interests?

Michael E. Douroux

Corona del Mar, Calif.