Lake Placid, 1970

I was editor of the Lake Placid News at least twice during my 23-year tenure at the Adirondack Publishing Company a tough job by any standard. It may be published only once a week, and the editorial and reporting staff consisted of the editor with an assistant, but I found the work much more fulfilling and much more fun than the daily.

Now the fun part for me is looking back 43 years to recall what was making news. Here are the bits and pieces of a few of those stories.

The lead story on page one:

“The Village Board Monday night after receiving a copy of a petition signed by 119 residents of the Sentinel Heights area asking the Town of North Elba to establish a sewer district agreed to process sewage for 23 residents after they hook into the village system via a private sewer line. The work must be done within six months.

“Trustee James Rogers said he felt that the people present had fulfilled the request of the Village Board made at the last meeting (for such a petition) and that the village should accept the sewage from those 23 homes.

“Trustee Rogers made this in the form of a motion and it was passed over the dissenting vote of Trustee Harry Fregoe.”

Now here is the lead paragraph on my 1970 editorial commenting on the village board meeting previous to the above meeting:

“No end in sight for the dilemma that exists between the village and town governments. We don’t blame the residents of the Sentinel Heights area if they felt like committing sewercide after leaving the Village Board meeting last week. Those residents felt that they were caught in a squeeze play between the town and the village. The individuals on the boards are not to blame. They are merely trying to operate within a system of government that is inefficient, obsolete and at times just damn ridiculous.”

Happy Jack Wikoff

It was my great fortune to get my friend, Jack Wikoff, president of the Chamber of Commerce to write a weekly column for the Lake Placid News. They were interesting columns, commenting on every aspect of life in Lake Placid. He referred to a story about Madison, Wisconsin, which handed out Orchids and Onion Awards, praising good citizenship and embarrassing polluters and builders of eyesores.

He goes on to say that we have always been a little shy of the “Onion”-type awards, but we do hand out “Bouquet of the Month” awards. He continues, “The ‘Onion’ type award is not a bad idea though but who’s to decide? And on what basis? I had on one day a complaint from a local citizen about my unmowed front lawn and on the next a couple checked in and complimented me on my wild flowers out front. So who can tell?”

Five injured in accident

“The driver of a pick-up truck and four passengers were injured Friday night when the truck went out of control, shot off the road and struck a tree.

“The accident occurred on the highway south of Lake Placid. State Police reported that the driver of the truck was Caroll Wells, 19, of Lake Placid.

“Wells received minor injuries in the crash as did passengers, Jeanne L. Archie, 16, and Francis Strack, 17, of Lake Placid and Renee Lowman, 16, of Saranac Lake. All were cut and bruised.

“A fifth passenger, 17-year-old Francis Moquin of Lake Placid, suffered a fracture of the jaw and severe lacerations of the head. All were taken to the Lake Placid Memorial Hospital for treatment.”

Other news

“The Lake Placid Olympic Arena is a familiar sight to Jehovah’s Witnesses as they have held their assemblies there several times and now they are returning in greater numbers than ever.

“New York Circuit 14 of Jehovah’s Witnesses is comprised of 16 congregations, extending from Utica to Ballston and north to Plattsburgh. Gerald Wolfe, presiding minister of the Saranac Lake congregation said it is expected that there will be more than 1,200 attending this time.”

“A twelve member state commission was appointed by Governor Rockefeller to promote and direct the 1972 Winter World University Games at Lake Placid. Approximately 800 athletes from 60 countries are expected to compete. Norman L. Hess of the Lake Placid Sports Council and Town Justice Jack Shea were the two of the local appointments.”

“The Kiwanis Club of Lake Placid and the Circle K Club of Paul Smith’s College will hold their Third Annual Sara-Placid Road Race on Saturday, Oct. 3. The event is a ten-mile run from the Hotel Saranac in Saranac Lake to the Olympic Arena in Lake Placid. In addition to the ten-mile race, there will be a five-mile event which will start at the Saranac Lake Golf Course and finish at the Olympic Arena.”