Foster didn’t help build mobile radio center

To the editor:

I am writing you in regard to the editorial that appeared in your Saturday, Feb. 2 paper titled “Excellent choices for king and queen.” If I may direct your attention to paragraph 10, you state that Mr. Lee Foster helped Roland Patnode to convert an old school bus into a mobile radio communication center. This statement is grossly inaccurate. Mr. Foster was not involved in any way in the construction of the Mobile Radio Command Center. I waited before writing you to see if Mr. Foster would step forward and correct this statement, as he knows this to be totally and grossly inaccurate, but he has not done so.

The Mobile Radio Command Center was totally built and funded by me from my personal funds and cost in excess of $35,000 to complete. I agree with you that the Mobile Radio Command Center is a great asset to the community in the event of an emergency and is available to all local and regional agencies at all times.

I am saddened to think that anyone would want to use the accomplishments of someone else to bolster one’s own resume.

I would be glad to show the bus to anyone who is interested in taking a tour of it, and to explain its operation, and I can be contacted by calling 518-891-6164 or email

Thank you for publishing this letter and giving me the opportunity to correct the record.


Roland H. Patnode

Wiz Radio

Amateur radio station W2WIZ

Emergency radio communications

Saranac Lake


The Enterprise regrets the error of saying, in the Feb. 2 editorial, that Lee Foster helped Roland Patnode convert a school bus into a mobile radio center. Mr. Foster on Friday told us he had little to do with it. Neither he nor the Winter Carnival Committee gave us false information; we made the false assumption from reading a 2010 Enterprise article on the radio bus in which Mr. Foster was quoted as an amateur radio operator and pictured helping Mr. Patnode set up an antenna.