Lawsons helped movie theater

To the editor:

I am writing to express my sadness for the way Tom and Susan Lawson have been vilified in the press and in other ways. They have helped the State Theater greatly, and I can say that the theater is still viable because of them.

The Adirondack Park Agency has come to a decision after a very long time, and we should all accept that and move on TOGETHER, for the common good of our wonderful little town. Is that so hard? Even if some disagree with having a resort here, the decision should be respected, and the people of Tupper Lake should be able to move ahead. Tearing people down is a desperate move, and hurts us all.

The Lawsons have been so very generous with so many in Tupper Lake, individuals as well as businesses. That is what makes this negativism so upsetting to me.

I hope we can pull together as a community, work together and curb the vicious and antagonistic behavior of a few people!

Sally Strasser

Tupper Lake