St. Armand plans income survey for sewer project

BLOOMINGDALE – The town of St. Armand will conduct an income survey of Bloomingdale Sewer District residents as part of its plan to upgrade its sewer system.

In a press release, the town said Supervisor Charles Whitson Jr. is seeking additional funding to complement a recent $2 million grant the town received from the state Environmental Facilities Corporation for the first phase of the project, which has an estimated cost of $4.8 million. The town has been under a state Department of Environmental Conservation consent order to repair its sewer system for several years.

As part of the search for more funding, the town will be conducting the survey.

“Residents living in the Bloomingdale Sewer District will be surveyed during the next month or two in an effort to determine and document the district’s eligibility for federal funds,” the press release reads. “Residents are asked to kindly cooperate with the town and RCAP Solutions as they conduct a mail-in survey and a door-to-door follow up as needed.

The income survey is needed to determine if the area meets the grant criteria, the release says.

“The quick return of the surveys will demonstrate community support for this project. The faster we can compile the surveys, the faster we can apply for grant funding. It is very important that everyone answer and return the survey so that we can try to decrease costs to those households using the Sewer District by obtaining grant funding.”

Town officials said water and sewer infrastructure is the foundation for future economic growth.