Live summitcast from Whiteface Saturday at The Wild Center

TUPPER LAKE – The temperature, with the wind chill, earlier in the week was 57 degrees below zero. A harsh environment with blowing snow, accumulating ice, and where hypothermia can set in very quickly, the summit of Whiteface Mountain in the middle of winter is not the most hospitable of places.

The Wild Center allows you a glimpse into this place of extremes at noon Saturday during SummitCast. Broadcast live over the Internet at, join naturalist Rob Carr and others from the Adirondack Mountain Club and the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, as they explore Whiteface’s summit in the depths of winter.

“Following from our successful BarnCast and PlanetCast, both of which are still gathering viewers on our YouTube channel, The Wild Center wants to continue and grow our live webcasts and online presence. This also melds well with our distance learning initiatives,” Wild Center Executive Director Stephanie Ratcliffe said in a press release. “Broadcasting live from the summit of Whiteface is a more challenging venue, but will show people, most who don’t venture there in the winter what a tough place it is for plants and animals to endure throughout the winter.”

“The Wild Center always raises the bar, one of the reasons ANCA is working with them on this Scenic Byway exhibition,” Kate Fish, executive director of Adirondack North Country Association, said in the press release. “We are eagerly anticipating the complete installation of this exhibition for the Summer of 2013 and firmly believe it will enhance the visitor’s understanding of the natural world of the Adirondacks.”

This webcast from Whiteface Mountain on the Olympic Byway is made possible by a New York State Scenic Byways Program project managed by the Adirondack North Country Association, funded by the Federal Highway Administration and administered by the New York State Department of Transportation.

This comprehensive Olympic Scenic Byway natural history exhibition on and surrounding Whiteface Mountain, will open on June 20th, 2013. It was developed by The Wild Center, in partnership with ANCA ,the Olympic Regional Development Authority, the Atmospheric Science Research Center and other organizations.