Living History: Curing family members led Craig Leahy to Saranac Lake

A student on this year’s Saranac?Lake Winter Carnival Court, Craig Leahy is proud of his connections to Saranac Lake history.

On his mother’s side, Craig’s grandfather, Leonard Bristol, came here in the 1940s and worked as a radiologist at the Saranac Laboratory on Church Street.

On his father’s side, Craig’s great-grandfather Ben Talbert developed tuberculosis after being gassed in World War I, and he made Saranac Lake his home after curing here. Ben’s daughter, Elaine Talbert Leahy, is now in her late 80s, and lives right next door to her grandson, Craig.

Asked about his connections to local history, Craig said, “I live here because of TB. My family on both sides came here for this disease and 90 some odd years later here I am!”

To find out more about Saranac Lake history, and the important role of radiologists like Craig’s grandfather in our local history, visit the Historic Saranac Lake online encyclopedia of local history at