Dog days at the show grounds

LAKE PLACID – The eighth annual Lake Placid Snow Pull for dogs was held at the North Elba Show Grounds Saturday and Sunday and drew 23 canines and their handlers from across New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

The event, an International Weight Pull Region 5 competition, was organized by Vermontville’s Dan Plosila, who entered his Samoyed, Valko, in the 60-pound class. In the weight pulls, which start with a 40-pound class and jump up by 20-pound increments to the unlimited class for dogs 150 pounds and over, dogs are timed as they pull a cinder-block laden sled in a 16-foot shoot.

Breeds featured in the competition were Siberian and Alaskan huskies, Samoyeds, malamutes, a border collie and an English mastiff.

Moxie, a Siberian husky owned by Kari Hunyadi of Slatington, Pa. won Saturday’s 40-pound class with a 300-pound pull in 4.15 seconds.

Longtime weight-pull handler and breeder Steve Jackson saw his Alaskan husky Mole take the 60-pound class with a 740-pound pull. Jackson, who has been traveling to Lake Placid for years to enter his dogs, also took second place with his dog Junior, who pulled 700 pounds.

Dave Gallagher’s malamute Hemi won the 80-pound class with a 700-pound effort in 7.19 seconds. Jackson’s husky Lucky pulled the same weight but finished runner-up with a time of 8.31 seconds.

Gallagher, from Randolph, Vt. won the 100-pound class with his malamute Ranger, who pulled 1,020 pounds.

Noble, a mastiff owned by Hamburg’s Laura Lautner and handled by John Gordon, was the unlimited champion on Saturday. The 200-pound dog pulled 2,600 pounds.

Jennifer Gerdes and her Samoyed Ava won Sunday’s 40-pound class with a 460-pound pull in 5.67 seconds. Keisya, owned by Hunyadi, also pulled 460 pounds in 9.08 seconds to finish runner-up.

Mole took the 60-pound class win Sunday for a two-day sweep. He pulled 900 pounds in 7.09 seconds. Lucky won the 80-pound class Sunday with a 580-pound effort, and Ranger also earned a sweep, winning Sunday with a 900-pound pull.

There was also a 125-pound class Sunday, and Frosty, a malamute owned by Michele Izzo was the lone entry, winning with a 500-pound pull.

As was expected, Noble earned a sweep in the unlimited class, pulling 2,180 pounds on Sunday.

Some of the dogs in the competition had separate owners and handlers.

In addition to the competitors mentioned above, owners and handlers who also participated were Rank and Regina Cardwell (Mannsville), Lake Placid’s Beverly Detwiler, Lori Hicks (Canandaigua), Wendy Leister, of Dover, Pa. who handles Jackson’s dogs, Christina Lee (Cape Vincent) and Elleen Rogers (Albany).