Thanks to Tendercare Lake Colby parents

To the editor:

While it is with a heavy heart that we write this letter, we believe it is important that the community hear from us in light of all the recent happenings. Although the closing of Tendercare’s Lake Colby School is a difficult occurrence for the entire staff of the center, it obviously more heavily impacts those who enter its doors on a daily basis.

We could carry on about what happened, what we wish could happen and what is going to happen, but we would rather take this opportunity to thank those who have stood by us and given us the strength to continue teaching during this difficult time. An overwhelming number of friends, parents, and members of the community alike have shown an outpouring of love and support – for this we are forever grateful.

While the halls of the Lake Colby School will no longer be filled with the joyful sounds of children’s voices, we hope that everyone can focus on all of the good things that Lake Colby’s walls contained and take our fond memories with us on our next adventures: Miss Brittany’s resounding jokes, Miss Jessica’s sense of compassion, Miss Karen’s projects and stories, Miss Katie’s confident sarcasm, Miss Leda’s relaxed nature and, of course, the way in which Miss Maureen nurtured each and every one of us.

We hope to leave here a little bit happier, in a bit of a better place, but of course we will leave a little bit heavy-hearted. We hope that we have had even a morsel of the effect on your children’s lives that they have had on ours, and please know that the memories we have made will be with us no matter where we go. It was once said that, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Thank you for all of the love and support that we have been shown, and for helping us feel that our work has mattered.


Brittany Pratt

Jessica Field

Karen Townsend

Katie Koch

Leda Carpenter

Maureen MacDowell

Tendercare Tot Center

Saranac Lake