Ted Glowa will be deeply missed

To the editor:

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Ted Glowa. A humble man, Ted quietly gave his time and generously shared his skills to help our community. His tireless support of such community projects as the Adirondack Carousel (where he served as president) made the long-awaited dream of a full-sized carousel that embraced fun, art and learning in an Adirondack setting become a reality.

His considerable knowledge of construction was of enormous help in building the carousel. As with any construction project, there were numerous challenges that were daunting to many of us, but Ted never seemed overwhelmed by them and was often seen on site, talking with other workmen and volunteers, or researching options to find the best solution.

Never one to shirk from hard work, Ted spent countless hours moving dirt and fill on the construction site in the William Morris Park, cutting and trimming boards that he would later stain, painting interior and exterior walls for hours at a time, building special supports for the heavy wildlife carvings so that they could be displayed or moved from one temporary location to another until the pavilion was finished, and filling in wherever needed.

With his love of woodcarving came a true understanding and mutual respect from craftsmen across the country whom he helped find to carve the 24 intricate wildlife carvings that are an integral part of the Adirondack Carousel. A talented carver and potter, Ted spent many hours in his studio creating beautiful artworks that he gave to friends and family or donated to charity auctions.

One of his greatest thrills came when the carousel mechanicals arrived from Texas in the middle of a snowstorm. Working hand in hand with other volunteers, he helped assemble the enormous tower and radiating supports for the 28-foot deck of the carousel. We can still visualize him pushing the heavy base into place, then turning to his wife, Marge, with a big grin.

Ted was a deeply caring individual whose quiet passions are evident in the success of the Adirondack Carousel, in the many causes he embraced in the community and, most of all, in his love and support of his wife Marge. He will be truly missed.

The Adirondack Carousel Board, staff and advisors:

Claudine Chavanne

Emily Fogarty

Mary George

Paula Hameline

Jennifer Hunt

Jasen Lawrence

Pam Martin

Fred Oberst

Marty Rowley

Geoff Sanford

Harry Stuart

Betty and Wayne Tucker

Marc Wanner

Saranac Lake