Snowmobile trail is a good one

To the editor:

On Friday Feb. 15, the New York State Snowmobile Association had the pleasure of joining the Department of Environmental Conservation in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new multi-use trail in the Moose River Plains Unit Management Plan, between the MRP and Raquette Lake. Through the partnership of DEC and local volunteers, this multi-use trail is now ready to be enjoyed by walkers, hikers, winter enthusiasts, hunters, snowmobilers and many more who love the Adirondack Park.

Unfortunately, a group of individuals has chosen to challenge this new trail, with false claims regarding its characteristics. DEC officials put tremendous care in ensuring that this new trail stays within the guidelines and kept the trail from being considered in the characteristic of a “road.” Utilizing old Adirondack travel corridors used for generations, this trail winds through the forest, respecting sensitive regulations where wetlands needed to be bypassed, and kept well within the width requirements set by regulating agencies.

This trail, which I had the pleasure of riding on Feb. 15, was specifically designed to allow tracked grooming, making the trail especially safe for riders and easier for cross-country skiers to navigate. While tracked groomers will be allowed, only the smallest of these will be used on this trail due to its narrowness and winding nature. The layout of the trail, with many turns, will not allow for any fast speeds, creating pleasant rides to enjoy the true beauty of the Adirondack Park.

We look forward to enjoying this new trail over the few remaining weeks of snowmobile season, and hope that other outdoor enthusiasts enjoy their time in the coming months.


Dominic Jacangelo

Executive director

New York State Snowmobile Association

Pine Bush