Build skatepark for the kids

To the editor:

I am writing today in response to the article printed on Feb. 14, concerning the skatepark equipment. I am very sorry to hear Wilmington’s skatepark was damaged but even more concerned that the noise of the metal ramps is a factor in accepting the generous gift from North Elba to Saranac Lake. So what I basically got from this article was, because the village does not want the metal ramps at the existing location for whatever reason, and if the village decides to move the existing location of the current park to one of two locations discussed, Saranac Lake does not want the equipment? How does this benefit the youth of Saranac Lake? I feel that if the Saranac Lake SkatePark Committee wanted to open a skatepark for the benefit of the youth in Saranac Lake, the equipment would be accepted for any of the locations! Then a fence with time restrictions could be put in place to help organize the noise aspect.

Let’s face it: Noise is everywhere a person goes! From loud music being bumped by the young adult driving by to the loud music being blared by the inconsiderate neighbor. How about the noise of the late night music and activities at the bars? Do people consider these things when choosing somewhere to live? No, they just deal with it! I must say, I live on Dorsey Street, and, well, I can hear the music from the Waterhole, Grizle-T’s, Captain Cook’s and even Romano’s on some given nights when I am trying to sleep!

Make a decision, and let the youth of Saranac Lake have the metal ramps! Why don’t we give the youth of the community something other than loud music, drinking and drugs to do? Can we? Please? Let’s stop being so selfish! There are a lot of other noises, in my opinion, that are more of a noise pollution problem and less of a good activity around this town! Everyone does not want to call Saranac Lake a city, but when you arrive into town from Lake Placid, the sign states “An All-America City”!

Well anyway, I am asking everyone to think of the youth in Saranac Lake and not themselves. I would personally rather see my children, nieces and nephews at a skatepark having fun, instead of worrying they are on a path or at a gazebo smoking weed! Or even held up in a house playing video games! This is my opinion on how our small community gets city problems!

Thank you,

Nancy Nixon

(Editor’s note: Ms. Nixon maintains a Saranac Lake apartment but currently resides at the Franklin County Jail in Malone.)