Carnival was wonderful

To the editor:

Speaking for my wife and two guests, I feel compelled to share our feelings about the Winter Carnival.

It had been 23 years since my wife and I last got to the Winter Carnival. I can’t tell you how much we all enjoyed the week we spent there. Of course, the palace was impressive, particularly in light of the weather-impressed redesign. The nooks and crannies, sculptures and tunnels were fun to watch as the kids climbed and crawled. The parade was wonderful, even with frozen feet. The Rotary Show presented some of the best music we have had in a long time. The high school kids did an outstanding job in the choral groups, and the choreography was smooth and outstanding. I don’t remember when I laughed so much and so hard as I did with that show.

All in all, we were tremendously impressed with the total planning that went into the week we were there. I had wondered how the theme of “Under the Sea” could be projected into a winter carnival. The music chosen, the parade floats, the plays on words were all very clever.

A huge thank-you and congratulations to the many people, and sponsors involved.

Stuart R. Lyon

Delray Beach, Fla.