Village unveils Saranac Lake 6er logos

SARANAC LAKE – The village of Saranac Lake has chosen official logos for its new Saranac Lake 6er program and will soon license them to vendors who wish to sell official “6er” gear and apparel.

“We put four prototype logos out on our new 6er Facebook page last week, asking for votes and opinions, and we got back a whopping 12,000 views and 460 comments to help us develop our new logos,” village Mayor Clyde Rabideau said in a press release.

Rabideau said this tells the village that the 6er program “has legs and shows signs of potential success.”

The 6er concept was unveiled last month and comprises a destination tourism program whereby visiting hikers are encouraged to climb six mountains in the Saranac Lake area: Mount Baker, Haystack Mountain, McKenzie Mountain, Scarface Mountain, Ampersand Mountain and St. Regis Mountain. All peaks must be climbed on or after May 25 of this year, and those finishing can apply to the village for certification and receive a patch and bumper sticker, featuring the new logo, and their official number, which is given in order of application receipt.

There are three official logos: “The 6er,” for climbing all 6 peaks; “The Ultra 6er,” for climbing the mountains within 24 consecutive hours; and the “Winter 6er,” for climbing all the peaks during the winter months.

Kelly Brunette and Jeremy Evans from the village’s Community Development Office developed the logo prototypes that garnered the votes on Facebook. Then, using the many comments made on the post, Greg Moore, owner of Bear Essentials, a Saranac Lake custom screen printing and embroidery firm, made the final renderings from the winning prototype.

The village is registering the new Saranac Lake 6er trademarks and will license them to gear and apparel vendors in the weeks ahead in anticipation of the program’s kickoff, called the “Saranac Lake 6er Weekend,” May 25 through 27.

On the first day of the kickoff weekend, registrants will start at Berkeley Green and the first finisher to return and ring “The 6er Bell,” which is to be erected in the park, will be Saranac Lake 6er Number One.

Village Community Development Director Jeremy Evans told the Enterprise the village will charge a licensing fee for use of the logo, with the revenues used to cover the cost of the 6er program. The amount of the fee hasn’t been set, he said.