Living History: Christine Bodah traces her roots

Many of you will recognize Christine as one of the smiling faces behind the counter at Nori’s Village Market.

Her roots in Saranac Lake go back to her grandmother Alberta, who worked here as a TB nurse and married her grandfather Gus, who was a forester in the area.

Christine’s dad, Dave, grew up in Plattsburgh, but he spent every summer with his parents at a platform camp at Follensby, and he always wanted to make his home in Saranac Lake.

Dave got his wish; he and his his wife, Carol, settled in Saranac Lake, where they raised four children: Mark, Sarah, Dan, and their youngest, Christine.

Sadly, Alberta and Gus passed away before they knew their grandchildren, but Christine credits them and their love for Saranac Lake for making the village her home today.

To see if you can identify some of the nurses and patients from Alberta’s photo album,

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