College basketball info galore

If you like college basketball, you have to check out a new section of the Enterprise website that just went live this week.

The new NCAA Top 25 Men’s Basketball pages comes to us courtesy of The Associated Press, of which the Enterprise is a long-standing member. With this section, you can really see why the AP is the leading national news wire service. Holy cow.

There’s an amazing amount of basketball content here. First off, it has full-length stories and photo galleries from games from throughout the season, plus stories on other aspects of the season that’s coming to a climax with the annual March Madness tournament is a couple of weeks.

Beyond that, it has detailed multimedia, interactive takes on the AP’s own Top 25 poll. You can track how the poll has changed week to week throughout the season, you can track it by team, you can track it by conference, you can read about the poll’s history (going strong since 1949) and methodology, and you can even – if you’re really in deep – track how each of the 65 sportswriters who determine the poll voted.

And then there are the photo galleries: Anyone want to see this season’s coolest-looking slam dunks? Or blocked shots? Or scuffles for the ball on the waxy wood floor? Or cheerleaders? Or last year’s tournament?

And beyond that, there are stats and stats and stats and stats …

Here in upstate New York, Syracuse University is far and away the favorite college hoops team. They’re always good, and they reached as high as third place in the poll earlier this year, until recent losses to Georgetown, Marquette and Louisville dropped them to 17th. Even if you didn’t follow the team all season, you can learn those kind of facts in a cinch on this Enterprise website. It might make for a good conversation starter with a sports fan, if you’re not one.

Regardless of the extent of your fandom, this website will be a great place to watch as the Orange try to claim the Big East championship March 12-16 in New York City and then make a run right through the NCAA tourney, hopefully to the final games on April 6 and 8 in Atlanta.

Whatever team you’re curious about, you can study up on them with this site. Just be careful, especially if you check it at work; you can evaporate hours on it if you aren’t careful. Believe us; we know.

To find it, click “Sports” in the top menu on the homepage, then “NCAA Basketball” on the left, or click the link associated with this story.