Wilmington, Jay get broadband grants

The state has announced funding for 18 projects designed to expand high-speed Internet access, including to the towns of Jay and Wilmington.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a press release Tuesday that the state will award $25 million in broadband funding to underserved and rural areas through the Connect NY Broadband Grant Program.

That includes $557,000 for the Essex County Broadband Service Expansion, a project that’s designed to provide high-speed broadband service to roughly 1,900 households that do not have access in the towns of Jay and Wilmington. The project will also provide digital video services and potentially a competitive telephone service, according to the release.

A total of $2.1 million was awarded to Slic Network Solutions to provide high-speed, low-cost broadband service to 457 households in the unserved areas of the towns of Schroon and North Hudson. The service will be delivered utilizing fiber-to-the-home technology. Slic will also provide wireless hot spots for frequently visited public locations, including the public beach in Schroon Lake.

Another $976,426 was awarded for the Lyon Mountain Broadband Project, also spearheaded by Slic Network Solutions. The money will provide high-speed, low-cost broadband service to 527 households in Lyon Mountain, using fiber-to-the-home technology.

Slic Network Solutions will also see $1 million to provide high-speed, low-cost broadband service to 124 households in the town of Bellmont. The Lyon Mountain and Bellmont networks will also deliver telephone service, IPTV service and advanced business services over the fiber.

The state also announced $572,000 to provide broadband service to 230 residents, businesses and community anchor institutions in Hamilton and Herkimer counties in a partnership with the Newport Telephone Company. The project will also enhance emergency services for both counties.

The projects were selected based on the endorsement of their Regional Economic Development Councils and technical scores from a committee that analyzed and ranked the projects competing for the $25 million.

“The projects receiving these grants represent the very best proposals with the most potential to benefit statewide economic and community development efforts,” Cuomo said in the release. “These funds will strengthen New York’s broadband capacity and encourage sustainable adoption of broadband service in unserved and underserved communities, counties and regions across the state.”