Autopsy: Aubin died from 3 gunshots

A 28-year-old man who fled and fought with state troopers died from three gunshots, according to an autopsy state police released Saturday.

Richard “Joey” Aubin is from AuSable Forks but had recently been living with his girlfriend in Wilmington. Police say he fled from a trooper after being clocked at 95 miles per hour on Interstate 87. He abandoned his vehicle after his tires were punctured by a police spike strip, and two state troopers – Marcia L. Pooler and Leston W. Sheeley – chased him into a wooded area on private land near Liberty Road in the town of North Hudson.

Police say a violent struggle ensued, and at one point, Aubin tried to grab Pooler’s holstered handgun, prompting Sheeley to fire at Aubin.

Aubin’s girlfriend, Amanda Murphy, told the Enterprise last week that he was kind and gentle and wouldn’t harm another person.

In a press release issued Saturday, police said the autopsy, conducted by Dr. Michael Sikirica, “determined that the cause of death was the result of three gunshot wounds.” Police had previously declined to say how many bullets had struck Aubin.

“The shooting occurred as Aubin fought with Troopers Marcia Pooler and Leston Sheeley who were trying to apprehend him following a pursuit,” the release said. “OC Pepper spray was used during the encounter but was not effective. The suspect then grabbed Trooper Pooler’s Division issued sidearm which led to Trooper Sheeley discharging his Division issued Glock .45 G.A.P. firearm, striking and killing the suspect at the scene.”

Police said results from additional forensic examination and analysis are still pending.