School boards show leadership

To the editor:

The board of directors would like to commend the school boards of Saranac Lake and Lake Placid for their recent decision to seek funding to study possible consolidation of the two districts. was pleased to fund a presentation, by a Center for Governmental Research consultant, to a joint meeting of the two school boards back in November. (A link to the CGR presentation can be found in the “News and Publication” section on the website.) The data presented by the consultant that night indicated that as well intended as efforts may be to share services between districts to reduce costs, the expected savings are usually very modest – in the range of 2 percent to 6 percent. For greater savings, the CGR representative told the school boards they should consider consolidation, and that state funding to study consolidation is readily available. She predicted that the time might come very soon when the two districts would be backed to the edge of a financial cliff and available options would be limited. We believe our schools are fast approaching that precipice.

The members of the school boards have shown sound leadership by taking the CGR message to heart and being willing to take a fresh look at how consolidation might benefit the two communities. Such leadership requires courage. We wish them well.


David Wolff


Saranac Lake