Don’t allow hydrofracking, governor

To the editor:

Dear Gov. Cuomo:

We, the students of Saranac Lake High School, are concerned with regard to measures that some have undertaken to convince you to allow hydrofracking in New York state. It is very important to us that these efforts are not permitted to succeed. Hydrofracking is reckless and destructive, and those who seek its legalization are selfish and irresponsible.

Hydrofracking has serious consequences to New York state, both now and in the future. Studies show that it releases massive amounts of methane, one of the most hazardous greenhouse gases and causes dangerous pollution to our fresh water sources. Bill McKibben, activist and environmentalist, has written in depth on the consequences of fracking in several publications. Can we really risk ruining natural water resources? Risk even more coastal flooding, such as what happened during Hurricane Sandy? Destroy landscapes with fracking wells in an area known for its pristine beauty? (“Under the Surface: Fracking, Fortunes, and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale,” by Tom Wilber, Cornell University Press, May 2012) We would ask that you place a ban on hydrofracking in New York state to keep our air safe to breathe, preserve our freshwater reserves and ensure that we do not become a state where earthquakes are commonplace. (“Human Triggered Earthquakes Surprisingly Common,” by Emily Sohn, Discovery News, Aug. 6, 2012)

We appreciate the concern you expressed for the environment’s well being in your State of the State address; now you have the opportunity to support those noble words with action. We hope that you choose to invest in cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy sources rather than wasting money and resources on hydrofracking or other practices that are harmful to the natural world. We are pleading with you to preserve our great state and put us on a path of sustainability for our generation and those to come. We ask that you make the moratorium an outright ban on hydrofracking in New York state, just as Gov. Shumlin has in Vermont.


The Saranac Lake High School Environmental Club

Samantha Martin, president

Gina Fiorile, vice president

Kennedy Snyder, secretary

Grace Sullivan, treasurer

Members of Saranac Lake High School in support of the anti-fracking letter:

Rachel Dalton

Emily Fountain

Caitrin Bodmer

Stevie Phelabaum

Kelly Dalton

Carley Sawyer

Haleigh Morgan

Nathalie Munn

Olivia Hunt

Ellen Miner

Mikayla Ploof

Anna Izzo

Hudson Gray

Sean Orman

Cooper Ross

Trisha Wickwire

Ivy Huber

Melissa Moody

Alex Rodriguez

Logan Wood

Justina Hewitt

Sam Martin

Jason Stack

Natalina Bevilacqua

Anna Mader

Kasey Cunningham

Jennifer Moore

Whitney Callaghan

Brooke Walker

Sydney Battistoni

Kiely Branch

Michael Burpoe

Lyle Baillargeon

Matthew Adams

Nick Bayruns

Grant Strack

Daniel Strack

Lizzie Finlayson

Anthony Isabella

Macy Fischer

Chloe Peer

Jack Martin

Taylor Pellerin

Sydney Donaldson

Amber Drosdonic

Alexis Laramie

Maggie Darrah

Courtney Baker

Ashton Bushey

Joey Cross

Amber LaPlante-Dear

Corinne Gambacurta

Kathleen Hay Bullard

Easton Moore

Chaos Rexilius-Tuthill

Anuj Prajapati

Will Lanthier

Kennedy Snyder

Ryan Murray

Shannon Bartholomew (advisor)