North Elba to give skatepark equipment to Wilmington

LAKE PLACID – The North Elba town board voted unanimously Tuesday night to give its skateboard park equipment to Wilmington.

The move came more than a year after the North Elba board began discussing what to do with unused skatepark equipment in a fenced-in area behind the Shipman Youth Center.

“We’ve allowed ample opportunity over the course of the last year-and-a-half for all the stakeholders of the skateboard park to step forward, but unfortunately there’s been no substantive resolution to this problem and no site was found,” North Elba town Supervisor Roby Politi said.

The town of Wilmington’s skatepark equipment was seriously damaged by a major wind storm on Jan. 30. Wilmington Supervisor Randy Preston then reached out to North Elba, requesting that if the board didn’t give its equipment to the village of Saranac Lake, that it instead consider donating it to Wilmington.

Politi received a letter from Saranac Lake village Manager John Sweeney Tuesday night, notifying the town that the village is going in a different direction and respectfully declining the offer.

Speaking at Monday night’s Saranac Lake village board meeting, Trustee Allie Pelletieri thanked the town for the offer but said the Saranac Lake SkatePark Committee is planning a park with concrete features. The town’s equipment is made of metal.

North Elba’s resolution to donate the equipment was moved by Councilman Bob Miller and seconded by Councilman Derek Doty.

“All we ever wanted is for kids to be on it,” Doty said.

“It’s really a perfect location,” Miller added.

The plan, Politi said, is for North Elba to help Wilmington’s Highway Department gain access to the equipment as soon as possible.

Saranac Lake eyes new site

Pelletieri said the village is still considering a downtown parking lot as the site of the Saranac Lake skateboard park, but village officials are now looking into using a different portion of the lot between Community Bank and Twin D Automotive.

Originally, a 7,170-square-foot skatepark was planned along the side of the lot next to the Enterprise building. After looking into it further, however, the village discovered building constraints on the site that would limit the size of the skateboard park to 5,219 square feet, which the Saranac Lake SkatePark Committee says would be too small.

Pelletieri said Monday that the village is now looking at the other half of the parking lot, the section behind JC Penney and along the River Walk. An initial design calls for a 6,839-square-foot skatepark on the site. Crews from Atlantic Testing Laboratories are doing some test borings and taking soil samples in the parking lot this week.