Lake Placid Ice Out Benefit tickets now on sale

LAKE PLACID – The Lake Placid Volunteer Ambulance Service is currently holding its 22nd annual Ice Out Benefit.

The criteria for Mirror Lake is “lake substantially open, from shore to shore, from village to the Boathouse, maybe some in end bays.” Records for the Ice Out on Mirror Lake were originally kept by F.B. Giles in 1903 and are the longest records of ice breaking in New York state. Town/village Historian Mary MacKenzie and now Chris Beattie send the date to State University of New York in Buffalo, where Professor Stewart conducts studies in climatic changes.

The range for Mirror Lake is March 23, 2012, to May 13 in 1971.

Ice Meisters are Jenn Holderied and Jack Irvin.

For Lake Placid, the criteria is “navigate around the lake and through the straights”. Lake Placid records date back to 1919 and are kept at the LP Marina.

The range for Lake Placid is March 26, 2012, to May 16 in 1972. The ice meisters for Lake Placid lake are, Brian Bliss and Marty and Mary Shubert.

Tickets are available at various locations around town, including the North Elba Town Hall, Lake Placid Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Ambulance station at 388 Mill Pond Dr. and from members. They maybe mailed in to LPVAS, PO Box 107, LP, 12946 by April 1.

This years proceeds will go towards funding construction of siding on the new addition.