Alternatives were tried, process followed

To the editor:

Dear Mr. Leigh Walrath, Adirondack Park Agency:

Representing the interests of the Loon Lake Park District Association and its membership, I want to convey to you our sincere concern for any further delay of the APA’s consideration of the permit application to use Renovate, as submitted by the town of Chester. I am aware that the Adirondack Council has made such a request.

Mr. Mark Schachner, legal counsel for the town of Chester, has offered a very detailed explanation, indicating why a hearing requested by the Adirondack Council is not warranted and why such a delay does not in any way help to improve the current milfoil situation existing on Loon Lake. A delay in the treatment of our lake would rather lead to more serious consequences making it more difficult for us to control the spread of milfoil on our lake.

We believe that the town of Chester, Lycott Environmental Inc. and the Loon Lake Park District Association, throughout the application process, have adequately addressed and promptly responded to the issues and questions required for review by the APA staff. As an association and working closely with the town of Chester, we have for several years now taken several proactive steps utilizing several different treatment approaches in dealing with the milfoil issue on our lake. Those treatment approaches are clearly identified in the application. Many volunteers from the lake have been actively involved as divers and scouts in assisting with these efforts and have been good stewards in protecting the quality of our water. We are hopeful that those who are making the decision to allow us to continue the work on our lake will recognize the urgency with which we make this request.

Thank you for your consideration of this very important matter. The Loon Lake Park District Association is committed to maintaining the beauty and quality of our lake, making it a safe, recreational environment for all to enjoy.


Edward K. Griesmer, president

Loon Lake Park District Association