Vote for Monroe

To the editor:

I will vote for Scott Monroe for village trustee on Election Day. I have known Scott for several years and have watched him interact with the village board, so it is easy for me to see that he is the best candidate for trustee. However, other local voters may not be as lucky as me to have such confidence in a specific candidate.

Most people know that he is a retired village police chief; however, many do not realize that because of that, he knows inner workings of the village and how the village board runs.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have heard a few different things from and about the “team” of Randall, Devlin and Jones. I have, however, yet to hear what they bring to the table as individuals or the types of things that they stand for. The voters are looking for trustees to compile a village board that best represents their interests, and I do not think that the “team” of Randall, Devlin and Jones would be the best options for my interests as a village resident. As a voter, I support candidates who will not just “go with the flow” or ignore hard questions and issues. Scott has earned my support by demonstrating his activism.

I have heard another candidate say that when Scott would go to the village board before, it was not to be helpful but to express an opposite opinion. But that’s what we want, isn’t it? We want someone who will question the actions of others when their decisions immediately affect the lives of the people living and working within the village.

Too much uniformity among the board is not a good thing. We need people with varying opinions and need a trustee that knows what it is like to work for the village of Lake Placid. Scott, as a former department head, not only knows how the village works but where it needs to be worked on. Scott also knows how to ask the difficult questions and understands what questions need to be asked, analyzed, researched, etc.

I am voting for Scott because I want to vote for someone who will think independently but work with the rest of the board to compromise when their opinions differ, not another passive voice or “yes man.” Perhaps most importantly, I support Scott because he will work more for the public than most trustees that I have seen in the past. I want a trustee who I feel that I can talk to when I have an issue, instead of being “shot down” or ignored.

I am voting for Scott Monroe on Election Day, and I sincerely hope that others who decide to go to the polls will understand who they are voting for and make informed decisions about the candidate(s) they choose.

Kerry Shannon

Lake Placid