Police: Man stopped on Route 30 after suicide threat

TUPPER LAKE – A man was taken into police custody Friday afternoon after threatening to kill himself, police said.

Ray Brook-based state police said a man told someone he was going to kill himself, and after it was reported to police, a number of patrol cars were set out to find him.

The man was stopped on state Route 30 between Lake Clear and Paul Smiths, possibly on his way to a camp he has in the area, said Trooper Eric LaValley. Police told him they needed to take him into custody.

LaValley said the man didn’t have a weapon on his person when he was taken in to custody, but a shotgun was found in his vehicle, along with some rounds that were in a different part of the vehicle than the gun.

The man was taken to Adirondack Medical Center for a mental health evaluation, and he was left in custody there, LaValley said.

Some Tupper Lakers expressed concern that the man was threatening people with the gun, but LaValley said that, as far as he was aware, that wasn’t the case. He said incidents sometimes sound more dramatic than they are when reported over the scanner. That’s a necessary precaution to ensure that police are alert.

“If someone is willing to kill themselves, you never know if they’re willing to kill someone else,” LaValley said.