For the SAFE Act

To the editor:

This letter is about the SAFE Act. I am all for it. I admire our governor for his courage in signing this bill into law.

This act is not about repealing the Second Amendment. It is about preventing another Newtown massacre. When our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment as part of the Bill of Rights, we did not have semi-automatic assault weapons. Those guns are not for hunters; one does not need semiautomatic rifle with large-capacity magazine to kill deer. They’re not for self-defense. They are weapons of war meant to kill people en masse. Those are the types of weapons used in massacres like the school shootings in Newtown or in a movie theater full of people in Aurora, Colo.

As we all know, technology is progressing. Very soon we will have hand-held rockets with nuclear warheads; maybe we already have them. Then the proud owners of these new and improved weapons will be able to wipe out entire cities, not just one classroom with 20 little kids. And if a whole large city or part of our nation will be razed from the earth, it will just be collateral damage. After all, we’re entitled to weapon ownership; the Constitution guarantees it. Is this in the name of liberty? Or in the name of ownership of weapons of mass destruction for every Dick, John and Harry?

Dana Fast

Lake Clear