Skier seriously hurt doing aerial stunt onto Whiteface air bag

WILMINGTON – A skier was airlifted to a Vermont hospital Sunday after an accident at Whiteface Mountain Ski Center.

Jon Lundin, spokesman for the state Olympic Regional Development Authority, which operates the ski center, told the Enterprise that a 43-year-old man was transported to Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vt. Lundin declined to identify the man, citing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which protects patients’ privacy.

“He was injured while performing a stunt onto the Whiteface air-bag,” Lundin wrote in an email.

Lundin didn’t describe the extent of the man’s injuries.

The “US AIRBAG” is designed to help skiers and snowboarders improve their freestyle skills, according to Whiteface’s website. It’s a 50-foot-by-50-foot “pillow of air” that has “several inflatable chambers specifically designed to ensure a soft smooth landing,” the website says.

Lundin said that prior to Sunday, there had only been a “couple of minor incidents with the bag.” Rumors that Sunday’s accident could lead to it being removed don’t appear to be true.

“We’re not considering removing it,” Lundin said.

The “airbag” used to be located at the Parkway Exit at the top of the Bear Lift. Now, it’s set up at the bottom of the hill near the base lodge and the New York Ski Education Foundation headquarters. It costs $5 per jump or $15 for an all-day pass.

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