Champlain voters stop village dissolution

Voters in Champlain want to keep their village government, and it seems they will.

They made that clear Tuesday, when 199 voted no to a proposal to dissolve the village and 59 voted yes.

The results are being contested, however. Village Clerk and Treasurer Juanita Munoz explained the problem and why she doesn’t think it will block the outcome.

“The fact was that our ballots are numbered,” she said this morning. “The number was actually on the ballot instead of the stub. So Kevin Triller, who started the petition, said it was illegal because people would know who voted what, because the numbers were in the registrar book.

“But the registrar book was put away (in the village safe) before the ballots were counted, so there’s no way those were cross-referenced.”

About 1,100 people live in the village of Champlain, which is next to I-87 at the last exit before Canada. It’s inside the town of Champlain, which has about 5,700 people.

A total of 259 people voted Tuesday. The election also resulted in the re-election of Mayor Gregory Martin and Trustee Kim Trombley, and the election of new Trustee Janet McFetridge.