Sad at having to leave adult center board

To the editor:

To my friends at the Saranac Lake Adult Center:

I am saddened by the events that led to my resignation from the board of the Saranac Lake Adult Center on Thursday, March 14. After working with our board and the Association of Senior Citizens of Franklin County using the by-laws of SLAC and their guidelines for Franklin County adult centers for the last four months to comply with their requests, I was shocked to be told that I “have been acting in a manner that is against the goals that are good for the Center and should resign from the Board.” I thought we were beginning to make progress toward healing. I guess I missed the point. Unfortunately, simple and sincere people do not play politics well. I thought the deal was to reassure the everyday attending seniors – all seniors – that they would no longer need to worry about those simple pleasures being taken away: the noon meal, friends to talk with over coffee and bingo, a simple game of cards, a few bigger things like trips and the casino, a place to share happiness and stave off the loneliness of living alone with family members dead or far away, learning new things, a safe place to just hang out, to stay young and grow old together, to volunteer all that free time and to help one another.

So to these people I simply want to say – I resigned not for doing something wrong but to assure you that the misunderstandings of my actions, to do things in the proper procedural manner that fosters positive results and doesn’t wallow in the negative and self-serving actions we experienced on Thursday, would not again put the center as we know it in jeopardy. At that point I felt forced to make the decision I did and to assure the center has a future.

It will be uncomfortable for me to be at the center for a while. I will miss you and the things we’ve shared. I sincerely hope you will continue to find the positive things the center has to offer. I know you use them with joy and wisdom.

For me it was never about the new director; it’s been about the pain of us losing a dear friend. It takes time to deal with that, and it takes caring for one another. I was simply trying to take care of ALL of us.

Joan A. Hutson

Saranac Lake