Thanks for offering skatepark gear

To the editor:

To the North Elba board: Supervisor Robert T. Politi, Councilman Jay Rand, Councilman Jack Favro, Councilman Bob Miller, Councilman Derek Doty:

The Saranac Lake SkatePark Committee wants to thank the North Elba board for its generous offer to donate the skatepark equipment to Saranac Lake. Your generous offer focused on what was good for the kids. Thank you.

You have allowed an extended period of time to reply to this generous offer. Thank you for that as well. Please understand that extensive evaluations have been in progress, working to identify a good skatepark site. These evaluations are progressing and are essential for constructing the park.

The village of Saranac Lake concluded with regret that Saranac Lake cannot accept your generous offer, coming to that decision on March 11, 2013. Unfortunately, the North Elba skatepark equipment is not suitable for use in the Saranac Lake skatepark sites currently under consideration.

Please extend our thanks and regrets to all North Elba board members, town supervisor, and town employees who have waited patiently. The decision to give the ramps to Wilmington will still help the kids in our region.

We will continue to build a skatepark for the youth of Saranac Lake and hope you will celebrate with us when it opens.

Best regards,

Saranac Lake SkatePark Committee:

Peggy Wiltberger

Gail Meyer

Deb Harrison

Jon Vinograd

Nancy Borden

Lindy Ellis

Rich Shapiro

Saranac Lake