Glad to hear of effort to save monarchs

To the editor:

I just finished reading the excellent article that Marsha Stanley of wrote for the Adirondack Daily Enterprise about the serious decline in monarch butterflies. It was very informative. I particularly enjoyed it as it brought back memories of the times when my third-grade classes studied the life cycle of the monarch. At the beginning of each school year we would head out on a hunt to find a few eggs that had been laid on milkweed in order to perform our classroom experiments. And each year, here in Connecticut, it became more and more difficult to find milkweed plants.

Over the years, I have also noticed the decline in the numbers of milkweed plants in the Adirondacks and particularly as I walked along Panther Mountain Road in Coreys. They used to flourish everywhere on both sides of that road.

Getting this information out to the public is key, and reaching out to schools sounds like a great way to start. The article listed so many ways to help restore their population. I hope that this movement catches on. I’ll be looking for those seed packets when I travel back to the Tri-Lakes area this spring so I can begin to help.

This effort also reminds me of the lovely children’s book, “Miss Rumphius,” by Barbara Cooney. Miss Rumphius, as a child, was taught by her grandfather to make the world a more beautiful place. So when she grew up she scattered lupine seeds wherever she went, thereby beautifying the New England countryside. Hopefully the results of this AdkAction initiative that you have published will not only beautify our area, but will help restore this fragile monarch population.

Noreen Oslander

Madison, Conn.